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    Dear community users:
    Goodevening, everyone. CCTime (Cryptocurrency Time) is the distributed social platform to share and communicate news. With everyone's attention and support, the project is steadily advancing. Now, the relevant matters are announced as follows:

    ⅠOpenning Beta. 
    CCTime uses blockchain technologies to promote the identification and dissemination of high-quality content. It aims to build a valuable as well as consistent news -aggregation and content-sharing platform. Therefore, your suggestions about CCTime are very important.Welcome to participate in CCTime test and feedback suggestions.

    Ⅱ Airdrop time
    In order to complete the CCTime, the airdrop binding which was scheduled to end on 20th September is suspended. And the completed binding is valid. As the project progresses, the airdrop will be reopened in accordance with real situation after October 18th.
    In addition to CCTime, we are also developing new projects. KM wisdom is a new generation of decentralized forecasting market based on Asch side-chain technology. Its white paper will be released soon. Please stay tuned to the official community (, MicroBlog(aschplatform)and Wechat(ASCH-js).

    Asch official community   
    Sep 21th, 2017

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