Notice on perfecting the reward released way of Forum Reputation

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    Every Member of Asch Community:
    We are glad to announce you that our Forum Reputation system will be update. we will release the reward of Forum Reputation automatically to replace the manual operation. For this reason, we need you to fill your xas address as follows: "Setup" - "Edit Data" - "About Me" in the right up corner of our forum home page.
    2.Fill your xas address in the "About Me" tab ,your address only.
    See the attached picture for details.
    Besides, the calculation time of forum reputation is 28th per month at 24 o'clock.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Special tips: If you do not fill in a valid wallet address, you may not be able to receive your rewards of the forum activities.
    1、make sure that the address is correct so that you can get awards.
    2、do not use pure numerical address, such as 32423447813902157

    Asch Community
    Oct 12th, 2017

  • great!!!!!

  • @guibotong Awesome! Thanks for this

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    that's a good news.please remember to fill your address,guarantee it's right to avoid some mistake.Besides, pure number address is unavailable.

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