Chinese ETH? Neo's competitor? Come check out Asch coins (XAS) for their free XAS giveaway and upcoming big event!

  • Hey everyone! Ever heard about Chinese ETH? Neo's competitor? Check out Asch coins (XAS)! It's a decentralized application platform that adopts JavaScript and DBMS to make developers' life much easier! Asch is giving out free XAS right now!( Soon a upcoming big event (free XAS coins will be rewarded) is just around the corner! Follow us here at for most recent updates! We are currently in the process of being listed on major exchanges oversea! Check it out before it's going to the moon! Asch coins (XAS) is currently being listed at the following exchange: and soon will be listed on See announcement here: XAS has the largest trade volume at before the Chinese government ban on ICO. Asch team is working hard and is currently in the process of being listed on big exchanges oversea. Stay tuned! Do you own research and make smart investment as we all do! Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions! We are open to listening from all of you! ( By Ling)

  • Great, worth reading, thank you for sharing.

  • good luck on chaoex!

  • Banned


  • (⊙o⊙) (⊙o⊙) -。-

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