Anyone here from Washington DC DMV area? Asch needs your help!

  • Dear all,

    Anyone here from Washington DC DMV area in the U.S.?

    I will be attending a local event to talk about Asch and give away free XAS for the ones who show up and are interested in sharing us on social media.

    It'll be a great opportunity to introduce Asch to oversea investors and increase Asch's visibility!

    If you happen to be in the DMV area, definitely try and see if you can make it to get some free coins! 😀 Please comment below if you are around.

    Cheers! 🤝

    P.S. check out Asch's Facebook page ( and become a follower, as we are going to give away free XAS if you share on your friends' wall, once eligible. Thanks!

  • @mannanj :) small world!!

  • @lsj are you coming too?

  • Hello. I am in the DMV Area! I would love to meet up with you. I will send you a PM.

  • Nice!! thanks a lot!!!!!

  • @aschlarry Thanks for your questions!
    It will be on Nov 1st, Wednesday, 6:30pm - 9pm EST. Meet at the Red Light Bar on the NW corner of 14th St and R St. NW. The closest Metrorail Stations are U Street and Shaw on the Green Line. There's also a Bitcoin ATM just up the street at Amsterdam Falafel.

    If you plan to come, please make sure you contact me first! Cause I may need your help for filming, photographing, and maybe more! And you may get more rewards than others for helping out. The details of the free tokens are to be finalized. Stay tuned!

  • Exactly where in the DMV will this take place, and what are the terms of the free tokens? Time and date of event is important too.

  • @minertrader Many thanks!!!

  • @gambler_lj Thank you so very much!!!😀🤝

  • good job ,I'm voting for you:blush:

  • @sandylast Shared

  • Cheers.......

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