Where can we see Asch team information?

  • Many guys asked me that where can I find the infomation about Asch team - where are they based, what is their experience and who is Asch major investor. Or anything that can prove the Asch project is legal and worth investing. Ah, you can read all these from Asch new official website!! but it hasn't came forward yet. So we need to wait for some time. The new website asch.io will launch within this month. Stay tuned!

  • @foreverasch It's a busy week. Try the slack?

  • Thanks for your explanation, I am looking forward to.

  • Why are you ignoring my private messages. I said I can help you reach out to more than 50 000 customers, but you just keep on ignoring this because don't bother to come on telegram to discuss.

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