Clarifying DPOS Reward Expectations

  • Western world user here.

    So I think there's a disconnect in terms of what NON delegate users can expect as reward for holding ASCH.

    So western world users look at other DPOS coins such as, ARK, LISK, SHIFT, RISE, and they can use calculators to determine rewards they will receive for holding their corresponding tokens. Here's some example of the calculators:

    Dafty's Ark Calculator

    In all of the systems mentioned above, the delegates forge the block rewards, and they convince people to vote for them by stating that they will give a percentage of their block reward back to the people that vote for them.

    In Asch's current system, western people don't have a clue if delegates are giving percentages of their forging rewards or not. If the delegates aren't giving out percentages of their block reward back to users, they should reconsider that as that really incentives more people to buy Asch.

    If delegates ARE giving percentages of their forging rewards, some type of tool or calculator should be created so hodlers can know what type of rewards they should be receiving. If hodlers need to sign up to delegate pools, or certain delegates have specific process to access a percentage of their rewards that would be nice to know to.

    Naturally western people will compare Asch to other DPOS currencies and wonder what type of rewards do non delegate hodlers receive. They will see a good amount of DPOS systems payout to typical hodlers and they will look at Asch with the same expectations.

  • I believe more information about delegates, their work, and their proposals should be included in the online wallet.

  • This is where I also an deterred away from ASCH. What am I getting by participating in the voting/delegate system, besides voting for others? I want to get something out of it, monetary, if I am using my own ASCH to do so.

    Because of the way the incentive system is setup, I think I get only voting for someone else by voting. Is this correct? Do I get a share of % ASCH from who I vote for?

  • I completely agree.
    Some adjustments can definitely be made here.

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