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  • Hi there,

    I think for Asch to get more attention (which it deserves) the developers need to add more social media platforms, like twitter/telegram and slack. Currently these 3 platforms are loaded with investors in cryptocurrencies. Not only will this give more attention to Asch, but it is also a nice place to post regular updates and announcements. I think people prefer those platforms over a forum which is harder to find if you don't know about this project.

    I hope one of the developers reads this and finds this helpful.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • @aschwifi1 Thanks!

  • @northasch Thank you for your response. If these channels are indeed already in place, I have no further comment. But I would like to see these channels linked somewhere on the website or on the forums, pinned at the top (or any visible place), so that people interested can easily join them. I for example have no clue where I can find them although as an investor would love to join them. Could you provide me with some links? Or are they not open to the public yet?

  • @Wotu Thank you for your input. Although we as @nial say already have these channels in place, it its good to get your views. We are working hard on multiple projects to address the global marketing of ASCH. If you have ideas that could be useful to build better awareness and impression of ASCH, then please share.

  • It is not visible on their website. I know a new website is coming up, but they should already quickly add it to their old one. I wasn't able to find a link on the website or on this forum. Visibility is key.

  • They already have a twitter account

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