Awesome video made by Dawidim, an Asch fan.(老外说阿希,新制作视频)

  • Very good, commendable

  • great video. i remember when that coin was around dollar. then drop even to 9 cents...i was 100% this will go back up. but problem with exchanges cannot let me buy ash. but soon i gonna get some! :) regards

  • Great video made by a guy with 10k followers

  • Hi @ForeverAsch, we have a good team in the west. If you have any questions or want to talk with someone, reach out to me here or on Slack. I check slack more often.

  • @aschwifi1

    I respected you, until you started IGNORING me, after I have done my part of the agreement.

  • @foreverasch You need to learn how to respect others. I believe many guys think I am helpful. Anyway, I don't like to talk with you.

  • @aschwifi1 Please don't joke around. This was going nowhere until I decided to step in and help you do some actual marketing. What has everyone around here like you done, except for leeching?

  • @foreverasch everyone who made effort to it. everyone who has faith in it.

  • And suddenly people start talking about Asch, I wonder who is responsible for this.

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