Just submitted Asch on Kucoin exchange

  • Hi everyone,

    I just fullfilled Kucoin exchange form to add a new token. They will reply to me in 3 days.
    I think a partnership with Kucoin exchange is a great opportunity for Asch as they don't list a lot of coins. They recently add WTC and Neo and aim to add another chinese coin Vechain october 25th. They love Chinese projects and it could help Asch to go further in its momentum.

    I'm also promoting actively Asch on my twitter account : https://twitter.com/Cryptosaure
    Many people following me started to know about your platform and are now investing in your coin. The only problem is some of them are not trusting enough bit-z exchange to step in and prefer to wait for an exchange they are more confident about. That's why i decided to submit your coin to Kucoin exchange. I want to help.

    For those who doesn't know about Kucoin exchange, they just started in september 2017 and have already more than 50 000 users on their exchange. They are growing as big as Binance.
    If you don't have an account on Kucoin, i would be happy if you registrer with my referral link : https://www.kucoin.com/#/signup?r=E2XbMB

    I will keep you updated if Kucoin reply to my form submission but it would be really effective if an official from Asch team could reach them too as i'm not officially member of your team.

    Thank you and long life to Asch

  • In the end Xas is accepted on Kucoin, that's a great victory :)

  • @alliance What is the cost ?

  • YES! I just joined KuCoin and am waiting for BTC to clear to buy a small amount of their token. I figure with decent NEO holdings, and going heavy into XAS, I should just go all in on China, since China was the one to finally pull me into BTC for good a month ago.

    I will also submit this request by weeks end.



  • administrators

    thank you for your work.but the cost is to much to list Asch on this exchange

  • @foreverasch Thx bro ;) Your work is really good too

  • @foreverasch 都看不懂

  • Awesome job nial, spread the word haha!

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