BEWARE Bit-Z : Freezing Funds (after trades!) for 24+ Hours

  • Hi folks,

    Sorry to come on with not pure positivity, as I feel that for the most part right now. However :

    Because another person has just gotten their funds frozen in Bit-Z, I must repeat :

    BIT-Z is quite ridiculous, and froze my funds for over 24 hours (after making a few small trades, which is weird) right in the middle of last night.

    What was even more strange, was they release small amounts of it, as the price dove and raised, causing different buy orders I had put in, to trigger. I contacted their e-mail first, and it BOUNCED BACK to me.

    I figured, hey, either their way overloaded, or something is seriously wrong. I got in the chat queue early this morning, and it kicked me out 3 times. It took 7 hours to get a person. Then, 2 more hours to get the funds released.

    My amount was small, but still messed me on trades.

    No explanation as to why, which you think would be their first sentence.

    They do not give a shit about you, clearly.

    Imagine, for a second, you put 4 BTC in this exchange, and tomorrow, 48 hours before the fork, they freeze your funds.

    DON'T RISK IT. Not worth it.

    If you bought in here, GET THEM IN THE WALLET. The tech your buying into's wallet is a hell of a lot safer than Bit-Z, that is assured.

    Only BTC! I sold and am seeking somewhere else.


    Be safe.


  • @stork I wasn't too worried about them keeping them, but 24 hours for a hold? That's like a week in the crypto world, especially when things are moving. It was a slog to get ahold of them, and really all over the place support wise. Just letting people know the possibilities.

  • @feng Messaged it to you. :man_lifting_weights_tone2:

  • Okay, so, the wonderful "Ling" in Slack has been advising me on why this might have happened.

    I didn't place so many limit orders than all my funds would be frozen. ...and it wouldn't have been the exact amount.

    I kept some reserved, because I know prices flux constantly, so I did a mixture.

    ...but Ling says even if I just do a market order, the funds could still be frozen.

    Why would they freeze 100% of my remaining funds, and even after canceling all orders, still have them frozen for a whole day?

    Also, when I'd refresh the site to check, I noticed 100 XAS would be "frozen" as well, but I withdrew them in time. I don't think it really happened, but I should have screen grabbed that as it went down. Super weird.

    The whole process felt very strange, calculated. I don't know.

    • Feng, I'll work on that. Long days the last few days. One second.

  • there is always problem when fork is around. nothing new. just be patient

  • Come on, relax man, do u think they want steal u money?I don't think so, maybe just some technical problems they ran in to, stop withdraw is normal too, maybe they have a problem with they are cold wallet,I assure u, this is a gold digging business, nobody wants get something and just run , they want to do real business,man

  • administrators

    if you forget to cancel you selling order, you will meet this problem.

  • administrators

    will you put your transaction record, withdraw record, and chat record here?

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