Bug Reports! Attack! (CryptoCompare currently "not available")

  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd make a general "bug report" discussion.

    I use the application "Crypto Compare" to track my coins at the moment. I know there are others but when I was brand new I meticulously kept records, so I've continued using it.

    Anyway, their tracker states "not available", so I e-mailed them.

    They've been very quick with support in the past, so hoping for a quick fix on this.

    I figure, anything where people chatter about ASCH, will raise awareness. Maybe now this person who runs the site will look at XAS, tell others, BLAM! More eyes on the project. Keep trying to think of unique ways to promote it.



  • @aschfan Still nothing yet. Will wait until next week and contact them again if it's not fixed. I think we may need a few more exchanges, so the extra one added soon should help.

  • Amazing that they're already working on adding it!

  • @worldunderground Wow. 1 minute, 45 seconds later : "Just confirming we got your request. We're on it! Thanks!" :man_cartwheeling_tone2:

    Somebody deserves a raise.

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