Exchanges summary for trading XAS(2017-10-24)

  • This is only a summary of exchanges. It doesn’t means the Asch official recommends these exchanges for the reason that the trading itself exists risks.
    Exchanges on which you can trade XAS were updated on 2017-10-24.
    A website in Chengdu, China,supports trading XAS with RMB at present.
    Transaction Fee:Buy: 0.1%,Sell: 0.1%,Withdraw: 1%.
    Manual review, which would takes ten minutes normally.
    A website in Hong Kong, China,which supports Coin-Coin Trading and OTC trade,and also supports trading BTC with Ali-pay and we-chat.
    Transaction Fee:Buy: 0.15%,Sell: 0.15%,Withdraw: 0.5%.
    Manual review is required when the transfer amount is more than 2000 XAS.
    An Australia website, supporting Coin-Coin Trading.
    Transaction Fee:Buy: 0.05%,Sell: 0.05%,Withdraw: 0.1%.
    Withdrawal is very slow.
    An English website, supporting Coin-Coin Trading.You can use jubi account to login this website,and transfer XAS from biduobao and jubi account to it.
    Transaction Fee:Buy: 0.1%,Sell: 0.1%,Withdraw: 1%.
    Withdrawal will open in one week!
    A website in Hong Kong, supporting Coin-Coin Trading. Hong Kong websize of 12 chain,created by Mr.Jin - one of the the six largest shareholder of yuanbao. It is said that Mr.Jin is applying for a licence in Japan.
    Transaction Fee:Buy: 0.0%,Sell: 0.2%,Withdraw: Unknow.
    A Canadian website,overseas website of yuanbao, supporting Coin-Coin Trading. You can use yuanbao account to login this website, and this website had gotten licence in Canada.
    Transaction Fee:Buy: 0.0%,Sell: 0.2%,Withdraw: 0.5%

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  • I was having problem with coinegg but managed to get help with customer support and think I have it sorted.

    I did ask if they plan on letting non BTC withdrawals and they said soon and that they are testing it.
    Not sure where you got the information that xas withdrawals with be available in a week but if that is the case then great. :)

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