My outlook on Asch! Very optimistic.

  • Hello, I have followed Asch since mid-August. The day I bought Asch (Sep 2nd), the coin traded at .76 cents (in US dollars). Within 2 days, China announced new regulations, diminishing the Asch price to 0.37 (in US dollars). Then a few days later, the price went as low as 0.06 cents (in US dollars).

    However, not once was I worried about my purchase. The reason I bought Asch was because of what I uncovered about the underlying technology on the Asch Platform. For example, the platforms dApps seem to be getting developed well. Second, Qingfeng is an accomplished developer. And third, because of the sandbox technology of Asch. The wallet design also convinced me Asch was a very well developed coin. Asch was forked from Crypti, not Lisk. And in my opinion, Asch is superior to Lisk.

    I used the low price days as a chance to buy, and am now seeing Asch recover. It's great to see the technology showcased, such as the event in Tsinghua. I live in America, but even over here we can say the days ahead look bright for Asch!

  • GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @corpuscrypto ,你好

  • ASCH is getting better and better, and wait until we get more attention.

  • Banned


  • I have to say you have a good idea, I believe ASCH will be getting better and better.

  • nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  • very. good!👍👍👍

  • good job buddy

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