Chinese can buy coins since few days ago

  • Many western friends ask me if China being allowed to trade coins again?
    From what I know, not yet, but we can easily buy Bitcoins since a few days ago.
    OKEX ( the overseas okcoin) restart bitcoin trading by adopting C2C model. It open a C2C transactions area for people who want to buy BTC ETH EOS LTC and we can pay by Bank transfer, Alipay, Wechat or Paypal. I believe more and more exchanges would take this model.
    Another famous BTC trading app named Bixin(币信)also restart few days ago. It is an OTC app and I think it is quite useful for Chinese.0_1509510193440_QQ图片20171101122251.png

  • nice,Is always glowing gold.

  • The enthusiasm of capital can not be blocked

  • @aschwifi1 Ill upvote you all day ;)

  • I think the announcement of CME made the price go up.
    And thanks for your upvote.

  • Yeah price of bitcoin went up due to Rumors

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