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  • This is a copy of my comment on reddit, I would like to add that I write this not to harm Asch but to make it stronger in the future:

    The website is launched on time as promised But why on earth publish a website like this? If we want Asch to succeed we need a markting group who approves or disapproves things like this before releasing it to the public. A strong brand is as important as the code of the platform. This is plain bad marketing. No team info because its an open platform is not a good enough explanation . Almost all plaftorms are community driven but they list their members. Investors want to see people not anonymous coders. Western marktes wil just punish behavior like this. Sorry for being plain open about this but I think we better learn fast from mistakes like this .

    Edit: also I noticed the mainwallet link still goes to the non secured version, knowing that the secured version is out this is just no professional. I respect that this is a largely community driven project but this should'nt mean delivering non professional releases. The blockchain is regarded as the most secure ledger up to date and Asch just released a website with a non https secured wallet.... consider how this looks to new people interested in Asch?

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    Edit2: the fact that "members' close to ASCH promised team info would be delivered on the new website but failed to do so isn't encouraging either. The same people asked us to promote Asch , so when we promote Asch and get questions about the team we answered: it will be on the new website. Not only did Asch failed to deliver this, also I and others failed my promise to others because of this. So this makes me less credible to others.

    Conclusion; Asch needs at least a coordinated pr and marketing team on his social media, having telegram, slack and others but not moderating them doesnt help anyone. Its better to have one channel and moderate it good than to have 4 where anyone can pretend to be close to Asch. How does anyone know who is close to Asch if there isnt a known team? This leaves Asch very vurnable to FUD and other social attacks....

  • I prefer the old website than this one by far. The previous one had a strong signature with its yellow color. This one is totally unpersonnal, it's like a blog made 30 years ago, actually even worst than a blog as there is no design nor template. The text is too small and too much compact, you don't want to read it. Too much empty space between the different categories. I would have never consider launching a website like this for a million dollars project. I don't understand why something like this happened, there is something to be learn from this situation. This website should have never been published and you should have never felt happy or proud to launch a website like this and call it your new website.
    Last but not the least, the certificate is invalid, showing an error on google chrome and i needed to create an exception to display the website. This new website is showing total amateurism as you published it without realizing how bad it is. It doesn't create a feeling of trust for anyone coming there for the first time. How can they rely in your ability to create a valuable project if you can't make a good website ? And by good i mean anything better than this one. Seriously, for 30$ you can find beautiful template where you just had to put your text on it. One day work for a beautiful result.
    You really need to hire someone with a professional background behind to prevent any further bad moves like this. Since the beginning, your communication is showing a bad side of your project. Starting with twitter and now your new website. Better be careful for your next moves. If you need help for making a good website feel free to contact me, it's my business to make website. Sorry for saying hard truth but i have to in order for your to learn about your mistakes.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @pasha fixed

  • @pasha OK, thanks for the info, we'll fix this

  • @liangpeili Go to the new website and click on the mainwallet icon , it gives this: .....needles to explain more I guess.

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    be patient,some westerns proofread the website and the all saw the team list.i think there must have some other reasons that prevented publishing the team list.

  • What do you mean by saying " the mainwallet link still goes to the non secured version"? The mainnet wallet is ''. Even if you type the '' in the browser, it will redirect to the https version.

  • @alliance ,Thats the whole point; sometimes there is a "team" sometimes there isnt.......

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    that's kind for your post.what you said should be taken into consideration and discussion,so please be patient,the team are always working on this.

  • It is not hard to make the website more professional instead of crude and unattractive.I think it deserve the time and hardworking

  • Cannot agree more.profession is the first if it have to be delayed.

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