Asch do you have a face? Humans do......

  • This is a copy of my response to" The actual state of Asch":

    I"m sad to read that people anno 2017 still declare that: ' A good enouh website is ok and it can be fixed later'. This is just denial of human psychology. A homepage is your face, people never forget a first impression and a bad first impression goes a very long way and you need tons of energy to convince people from the opposite later. So let me put things straight, declaring that iAsch is doing great promotion work on social media is just a poor use of a teams energy and time untill you got a strong brand and identity. People not only invest because they can make money, they invest because they feel part of something, they even buy T-shirts ot the company they believe in. It saddens me deeply to read that a strong brand is something for later, every organization that takes himself serious knows that this is not the case. You need a consistent face to the world, people come to websites because they like the colors and the experience, they even remember more what they just read.....because the experience stays fixed in their brains.
    Time and time again companies fail because they just deny how human psychology works. . Its just a shame that the lack of identity is defended by saying that you cant please everyone. Indeed you cant please everyone ,so Asch really needs to start thinking hard and fast on:

    1 Who are we?
    2 How would be like to be seen by the rest of the world?
    3 How does the rest of the world sees us?
    4 Do 2 and 3 match?
    5 If not , why?
    6 Do investors send other people to my website? If not why?
    7 If I would sell T-shirts of Asch, would people wear them? If not why?

    You can laugh at 6 and 7, but I wouldn't laught at all...just human psychology. If you got a yes to 6 and 7 you dont need a marketing team at all and people will do all the work for you because they are proud to be linked to Asch.....

    There is zero but really zero excuse possible for the lack of branding or a good website. Branding doesnt have to cost lots of money , neither does a good website.

    I will stop it here and wait for answers, if the "team" keeps on being stuborn about basic human psychology I'll draw my conclusions.

  • Well right now they showed their most human face

  • The Asch team is working hard to update ,hope you can give them some time。

  • Thank you for your concern and attention to ASCH, I think the community can see your voice and suggestions, and to some extent to improve.

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