Could we make a vote for bringing back the old website ?

  • Hi all,

    Would it be possible to vote for bringing back the old website or the previous one with the content of the actual website ? I know Asch team wanted so badly another website but actually it was just to add a different text on it. So we could use the actual text on the previous design easily and getting back a website representing Asch Project in its best way.

    Honestly, what is the website you prefer ?
    Actual one :
    Or previous one :

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  • I understand asch team is focus on development but anyone involved in communication team of asch should make the website its priority. Just changing the certificate of the website for a valid one should take less than one day and still nothing. Could we have more transparency about who is in charge and what is the current plan for the website ?

  • @vagrant I agree , They are committed to doing what is necessary

  • Thanks for your suggestion, I think ASCH will make relative changes in the next step.

  • @liangpeili I still don't understand what was wrong with the previous website to the point of wanting to change everything. Also could the community participated on this update so we could share our view on the new website before it's released to the world ? It would prevent another fiasco and make us feel apart of Asch project.

  • @liangpeili When will the new version be posted? Also who are the core team members?

  • The website is being updated

  • My vote is for bringing back old site design.

  • im sure its being updates

  • I just realize there is no more the roadmap on the actual website. So sad as it was showing since how long this project is developed...

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