Does anyone know about NULS?

  • I want to know how they got listed on Binance? They dont even have Whitepaper? So im kinda sad that we couldnt even get listed on there and we are Chinese coin as well.

  • Do not worry, do not be discouraged, ASCH quietly steady development, the different trading platform is only a matter of time.

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    Dear Asch Community Fans:
    Companionship is the fondest expression. The consistent support from you all is the strongest motivation for Asch to move forward during the past two months. CCTime airdrop is coming back after 60 days’ suspension. Here is the time schedule:

    Officially Airdrop will start at 18:00, 08-Nov-2017 and close at 18:00, 25-Dec-2017. After the airdrop, XCT tokens will be released.

    CCTime is underpinned by blockchain technology and aims at facilitating the identification and spreading of high quality content. The ultimate goal is to build a valuable platform of distributed social news and information sharing that meets the public demand. In the mean time, we are working hard to add a English module in the official version to provide a better user experience for international

    For “help” is based on a Asch chain with the user online publishing tasks and user tasks, users receive online chat, browse news and other functions of the light, news, social networking platform of mobile terminal applications, will be released version 1 in December, January on the exchange, February large-scale promotion!!

    Of course, in addition to help it outside, Kongming house is being developed, and the CCTime drop is about to open, believe that the application project implementation, also will usher in a new world.

  • Don't worry, the Asch team will have big moves before the end of the year

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