Strategic Cooperation between Asch and Bottos

  • Asch will have a strategic cooperation with Bottos to promote the development of the blockchain industry
    Bottos, as a decentralized platform of data circulation, with unparalleled advantages in realizing the decentralized protocols of registration, issue and transfer transactions of AI data & model over peer-to-peer network and rapid acquisition of AI model training data, will finally build the largest data/model pool-IPDB in the world.
    Asch is a new generation decentralized application platform based on cross chain, providing a series of SDK and API to help developers build decentralized application based on Javascript and side chain technology. Asch project has been successfully operating for more than one year and has great reputation in technology development and community construction all over the world.
    The interchange of tokens between Bottos and Asch is the first step of the strategic cooperation.The follow-up emphasis will be on the coordinated development of blockchain technology research, community construction, and work together to promote the construction and development of blockchain technology and industry.
    Asch will uphold the original intention, actively response to regulatory policies and continue to promote the development of blockchain technology and industry.

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