Request: English tutorial for XCT airdrop

  • Hi everybody,

    While I have seen a document explaining the steps to be taken for the XCT airdrop, I must say that I do not find it very clear and it seems like I am not the only one.

    Could we create a clearer English tutorial on how to participate in the XCT airdrop? I think people would definitely be interested in it.


  • Thanks for the replies everybody. This community is really working smoothly. Let's go Asch!

  • Hi Icarus.

    The way I managed ( I think ) to do it is just right click any chinese written words and click translate.

    Please correct me if Im wrong --> You select Binding Address Obtain button, then your XCT you input your current XAS address. Click Participate.

    Thats it. Thats how I understood it. Then send 0.1 to your newly obtained address.

    When its translated it will say '''old address wont work'', by that its meant XAS addresses with numbers such as 3984284823948237...

    Theres 2 ways of participating. Either you input your current XAS address OR generate a new XCT address. I honestly dont get why its there to generate. Probably to bind it automatically.

    ( Only one time you can register your airdrop address.)

  • Well, we will reflect this issue to the responsible person and we will make further improvements later.

  • same, thank you for pointing it out

  • I don't understand it either, thank you for asking.

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