Asch morning News November 10th 2017

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    The interchange of tokens between Bottos and Asch is the first step of the strategic cooperation.The follow-up emphasis will be on the coordinated development of blockchain technology research, community construction, and work together to promote the construction and development of blockchain technology and industry.

    A member of European Central Bank (ECB) asserted that cryptocurrencies are speculative financial instruments which create risks of a financial or even criminal nature

    Australia and China have signed a financial technology cooperation agreement.

    The financial regulators of New Zealand and Sweden issue ICO statements.

    the Chief of Israel Securities Bureau asserted that block chain has a bright future while bitcoin is the bubble .

    As the segwit2x fork will not take place, bitcoin price set a new all -time high.

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    Blocksream测试新比特币契约脚本,让比特币防盗功能在侧链上重生.The Blockstream have tested the new contract script of Bitcoin ,which reborned anti-theft function of Bitcoin on the side-chain.

    Asch基于跨链技术的新一代去中心化应用平台 它提供了一系列的 sdk 和 api 来帮助开发者构建基于 Javascript 和侧链技术的去中心化应用。Asch 通过提供定制侧链、智能合约、应用

    Asch is a new generation decentralized application platform , based on cross chain, providing a series of SDK and apis to help developers build decentralized application based on Javascript and side chain technology. Asch is committed to creating a system that is easy to use, fully functional, and plug-and-play by providing an integrated industry solution of customized side chains, smart contracts, applications.

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