Tracking owned coins via website

  • We liked idea behind Blockfolio (tracking owned coins and its rates). Only problem is, that it's an APP and it's not accessible via website.For this reasson we decided to make our own site:

    User will submit number of owned coins/buy price. Coinparator will track current rate/profit/generate charts. It's free (really). There's only a small ad banner. That's it.

    Feel free to test it and use it!

    I will be very thankful for any response - suggestion, positive/negative feedback, bug report... . Anything!


    alt text

    Some screenshots from DEMO account:

    alt text

    alt text

  • 虽然看不懂,但是感觉很厉害的样子

  • 这是追踪价格的用的什么软件吗

  • 看不懂啊,好怀念上学的时候啊

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