Community is starting to wake up

  • I posted here months ago,

    I contributed a lot months ago

    I was promised a lot of things by the so called “hard working” ASCH delegate team months ago..

    However after I did my part, what was promised to me was never given.

    And so I complained

    After that I posted that the delegate system is broken

    And I got mass censored and hated by the community for spreading FUD

    This team is very unprofessional, and it’s not the chinese culture, I am Chinese, it really is the TEAM

    The team will only keep on dragging you guys along and meanwhile keep on generating free asch everyday by doing insiginicant things that a kindergarten kid could do

    I am glad that I am seeing more people realizing this and waking up, but I am sad that these people also fell victim to the empty promises and scam.

    Keep on calling out on the delegate system, becauae this is really just bullshit what is happening right now and I don’t want you guys to fall in love with a corrupted political inclined bullshit delegate team.

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