Trip to Beijing to Meet Asch Team - Post #1

  • I live in Chicago and reached out to the Asch about one month ago about visiting the team in Beijing. I've been in Beijing about 2 days and wanted to report to the community what I've learned. Good news below.

    Team: There is a thriving team and great community here. There were 11 team members here today, 7 of which are developers (front and back end) who work on the Asch main chain, DApps (CCTime and Koumei), PC wallet, and upcoming mobile wallet.

    Offices: The team works out of offices in the Tuanjiehu area in Beijing.

    PC Wallet: The PC support 8 accounts which allows users to have a holistic view of accounts while mitigating the risk of have all assets in one account. There are plans to release a MAC/Linux version soon.

    Mobile Wallet: I got a live demonstration of the Android Beta version. Very impressive. It will support multiple accounts, have finger print access, complete transfers via QR code, and has an intuitive interface.

    Bug Bounty: The team here is very receptive to feedback. If anyone has security or coding concerns, they welcome the community to post in the Forum or open an issue in the Github.

    Koumei: This is the prediction market DApp. I got a live demonstration of the Beta version. Very impressive.

    Hiring: The team is actively looking to hire including positions for operations and design.

    Please comment below if there is anything you'd like me to ask or find out before I leave.

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