How to become a delegate? ... 如何成为代表?

  • Is there any english instructions for how to become a delegate?

  • Community there are 101 trustee briefly please use baidu to find youdao translation Thank you very much!

  • Hi Zmago. Welcome to ASCH, it is good to see more people from Europe. You need 25 000 XAS and enough votes. A good starting point is this guide: If you need technical help, the community is very helpful.

  • hi northash
    I d like to establish running node and become a delegate in Eastern Europe.
    Can you give me your email or email me at:,..i am having alot of problems,...
    thanks in advance

  • @northasch thank you very much, I have now added the current rank to my signature as suggested by you!

  • Welcome Strauss! Great to see more potential delegates from the US also. A tip is to post your current ranking in your forum signature, then people can more easily find you in the Delegate list.

  • Thanks guys for your help! I have transferred 25+ k XAS coins to my wallet and have a VPS server running linux with 8 GB memory and unmetered bandwith in north america.

    Please vote "strauss" as a delegate :)

    Thanks everyone!

  • administrators

    @northasch yes, you need set up the node, and get enough vote to entry top 101

  • Hello
    After registering the node and transfered 25K XAS to wallet, is that all needed to be technical set up for forging?

    What would you say are the next typical step for a delegate?

  • Thank you all!

    I have now setup a delegate node in north-europe as "northasch".

    Going through the process, there are some minor problems to set this up. I will make an updated tutorial for newcomers.




  • @northasch Welcome...

  • administrators

    In brief,you should register a node, and hold 25k XAS in your wallet, then ask for votes, if your percent of votes are on the top 101, then you will be a delegate

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