Koumei Cottage--Draw on the wisdom of the masses

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    Koumei Cottage(KMC), which is called “Kong Ming Wu” in Chinese, is a decentralized market predicting application based on Asch platform, it is classified to DAPP type 1. According to the definition of DAPP in Asch’s white paper , Koumei Cottage has the features of open source, autonomy, distributed storage, transparency, token-incentive, etc. The main difference between Koumei Cottage and DAPPs on Ethereum is that, instead of sharing the same blockchain or ledger with other applications, data of Koumei Cottage is stored in an independent blockchain which is not attached to any other blockchain system.
    The development of Koumei Cottage is fully completed so far, the application will be launched soon.
    Link of Koumei Cottage’s white paper---preview edition :
    http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hsMULl6  (the password is: myiz)
    Link of the video demonstration of Koumei Cottage:

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