Good Job, XAS!

  • You guys are awesome! Not only the price increased by 40% to EUR, but also I think this is just the beginning. With the release of the new wallet and the prize won by the team recently, this only shows signs of consolidation and moreover we are very optimistic to what the future brings for Asch product!

  • I also believe ASCH will be better tomorrow

  • @irinawo Congratulations! I am very optimistic about the future value of ASCH. I am confident in him, although the future development path is not necessarily smooth. Love you. An ordinary ASCH lover from China!

  • Yeah, congrats in order. Its only a matter of time until people see the true value of Asch. Don't take this accumulation phase for granted because when more volume comes we could potentially move away from the .40-.60 cents price range for good.

  • Yes, I agree with your point of view, this is just the beginning, ASCH will have a better tomorrow.

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