Asch Singapore Foundation is officially incorporated

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    Asch Singapore Foundation is incorporated as non-profit foundation with the approval of the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), on and from 05/12/2017 and that the company is a PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE.

    In the future, the company will act as the governance body of Asch, an international open-source project, to standardize the technology development and application development, foreign exchange and brand promotion, as well as the rights and interests of the holders. Besides, the company will be responsible for the management of all assets in the Asch community. The use of assets will be reviewed and decided by the community council and the use of funds will be announced to the whole community and will be supervised by all the Asch community members.

    Asch Community
    December 14th, 2017


  • If the goal of creating this foundation in crypto friendly Singapore was to alleviate the pressure of Chinese government on cryptocurrencies (more specifically Asch) then this is GREAT news.

  • Great news, go Asch!

  • amazing news! congratulations!

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