Asch founder Shan Qingfeng won "China Blockchain Industry Selection 2017" outstanding individual award

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    Shan Qingfeng, the founder of Asch chain, won the outstanding individual award in the " Awarding Ceremony of China Blockchain Industry Selection 2017" in Beijing on December 23, 2017.At the same time, Asch, the new generation of blockchain application development platform based on sidechain technology, won the the outstanding project award.

    The ceremony was held by China High-tech Industrialization Research Association and Blockchain Industry Alliance(CIABA) and invited Software Engineering Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Experts Group on Network and Information Security of National Internet Information Office, Energy Research Institute(ERI) of National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC), Management Center of National Computer Network and Information Security, China Electronics Standardization Institute(CEI), China Smart City Industry Alliance(CSCITY) and other relevant departments to attend the conference, which can be described as a strong lineup.

    The theme of this conference is to develop high technology, realize industrialization, and further promote the construction of eco-system of technological achievements evaluation of blockchain, realize wider application of blockchain industry, and actively implement the requirements put forward by the general secretary Xi Jinping in 19th CPC National Congress: We should promote the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, foster new growth points and create new momentum, and contribute to the construction of science and technology, network power, digital China and smart society. The conference blows the assembly that the blockchain should work for taking targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty through industry and developing green economy.

    (Awarding Scene)

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