Globalize Asch! It is worth it.

  • Hi Community,
    I have a request for all of you. I try to catch as much information as possible, every single day. I'm totally interested in what every single Ascher has to say. But here is my problem. I know we have the majority Ascher from China, but I'm deeply convinced we not going to make big steps when we not open the doors for the world. Since December we have a Website in English, wich is great. We still lack in having a strong global community.

    Please add a category Global and try to push this channel as much as possible. It´s going to be worth it. Most investors won't support a project where they can barley find information from the community itself. I would appreciate having a category with sub channels like Announcement, Technical issues and all the stuff that is useful. The idea is that most people no matter if Chinese or from other areas of the world should communicate in English. This is so super important. I understand that we already have a lot English posts, but my goal is to have a major channel only in English. Let's get a well structured new GLOBAL category with all the useful sub channels and push that to the limit. Please follow me and my mission to make it happen.


  • @yanyiwu Totally makes sense, what you mentioned. I just hope we do not miss the train. I'm not in a rush, but I hope we find a healthy balance between getting more globalized and not disappointing early adaptors.

  • @parisjackson Express appreciation and support for your Suggestions!

  • i totally agree with you,but because most of people in this bbs do not have enough english reading and writing skill, so it need more time to do what you suggest, maybe it needs a while to waiting more and more global friends joining our bbs

  • first,i represent Chinese ascher thank your propose
    u r right .it's a good idea!!!and Asch is doing this job,also need every ascher help.
    i will tell them in chat group. hope ours efforts will get work in the futrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!tks aaaaagin.
    it's 3o'clock, i need to bro

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