“Asch’s Ten Dishes” The First One-Thriving

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    “Asch’s Ten Dishes” The First One-Thriving
    -Dedicated by Shan Qingfeng, the Founder of Asch

    1. The Development of Asch
    In April 2016, Asch’s team established and completed the white paper, released the main network in August and Asch was launched on the first exchange in September. At that time, Asch and Lisk are derived from the open source project, Crypti, belonging to its different branches. Although Asch has made significant improvements in consensus algorithms, security and performance, taking the lead compared to Lisk, but there is little difference in the system architecture level.

    The first development is the release of version 1.2 in 2017, which makes Asch quite different from Lisk and Crypti. Version 1.2 mainly adds the function of asset distribution, which can be effectively combined with Asch’s side-chain technology. All assets on Asch platform can be two-way anchor, which is equivalent to the combination of Ripple and Lisk, or bts and rsk. The entire system has formed a multi-chain paralleling and multi-asset interlinked blockchain ecosystem.

    The second development is version 1.3, which is a refreshing change from Crypti. First of all, the Crypti’s side chain has been criticized as a private chain. Although it provides the function of creating a ledger and can also be distributedly stored, but the side-chain witnesses, as well as the privileges to deposit and withdraw assets, belong to an account. If this account occurs problems, the entire system will face great risks, or even be paralyzed, while Asch does not have this problem. Secondly, the amount of Crypti's DAPP code is large, while Asch DAPP can achieve the same function with the amount of code reduced to 1/10 to 1 / 5. The third is the performance optimization. Asch side-chain performance can reach 1500TPS.

    The third progress is the release of Asch’s PC wallet and Android wallet. The PC wallet is a green edition wallet that is compatible with multi platform, multilingual multi account, multi assets and balance monitoring. It can be copied directly to the U disk to run, truly plug and play, safe and convenient. Android wallet is currently in the layout stage and already has asset management capabilities. In the future it will not just be a wallet, it will be a decentralized application entry, which is similar to WeChat applets.

    The fourth is to have two practical applications: CCTime and Koumei Cottage. CCTime has completed the first round of 1 billion tokens of airdrops, the second round has also begun, and realized airdrop program on 7 communities. All of these things make full preparations for Asch’s cross chain.

    2.The Plan of Asch in 2018
    At the present stage, we have exchanges with the Top15 exchanges both at home and abroad. It is only a matter of time for us to launch on well-known trading platforms.Asch is determined to grow in the long run, so we hope that price will continue to rise along with the value and continue to be solid. With the start of the competition, and the development of hatch ecology, this time will come soon.

    In the first half of the year:
    The first is the cross chain between Bitcoin and Asch, as well as Ethereum and Asch, at least to achieve the previous one. If optimistic, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens can all be docked. This thing is expected to be completed in 2 months.

    The second is the decentralized exchange. In the future, Asch can complete the exchange of assets within the system, which is also the most important infrastructure. We'll make it modular and built into the DAPP framework, which means that every side chain has the ability to become an exchange. This is expected to be realized in 4 months.

    The third is the integrated zerocoin technology. It can add options such as anonymous trading or anonymous voting. What's really encouraging is that the work is done mainly by the community member xzya.

    In the second half of the year:
    We will continue to optimize the underlying technologies, including performance, security, privacy and large file storage. The major breakthrough is the large file sharing and storage. IPFs is not yet stable and mature, but we have done a lot of preparations and research work. Once the project is mature, we can quickly dock. With the help of IPFs, we can save a lot of time. It is expected to release a preliminary version in half a year.

    In addition, Asch will publish a comprehensive book on DAPP development, hold a blockchain development competition held jointly by China and the United States, and will be launched on large exchanges, carry out an omni-directional promotion programs including community construction, abroad roadshow and increasing community awareness, improve incentive system, not just airdrops and strive for cooperation with large enterprises and University laboratory.

    3. Future Planning
    By 2019, it will be possible to share large files on the Asch system and provide storage space services that support XAS.

    In the next 1 to 3 years, we will build a practical and efficient DAPP development platform, including the underlying platform development tools and supporting ecology, to build the first brand of DAPP, and to incubate a batch of valuable DAPP applications.

    In the next 3 to 5 years, we will continue technological iteration, maintain the technological leadership, and improve our ecosystem and expand our influence. We will become the first class general blockchain service provider in China, providing blockchain services for large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.

    In the next five to 10 years, it will become the world's first-class blockchain service provider.

    4. Message in 2018
    As infrastructure and supporting environments improve, blockchain technology, which is based on peer trust and value interconnection, will lead to changes and breakthroughs in the business environment and beyond. Ultimately it will promote the improvement of social transaction efficiency and the rationalization of resource allocation and promote the faster flow of social wealth.

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  • Great and thank you for this update. Very excited for 2018 and Asch's development.

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