“Asch’s Ten Dishes” The Second One-Chinese and Western

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    What is the strategy of Asch for the overseas layout in the new year? Mr. Wang, Asch’s business partner in Silicon Valley and overseas strategy consultant, shared it with us.

    Asch will have big moves overseas. Investors are more concerned about exchanges, and all of our activities are paving the way for this goal. The main aspects are as follows:
    1.Publicity level: international mainstream media reports and interviews to expand the popularity among overseas investors;
    2.Community construction: new English website, developer community activities, bitcointalk and reddit, socialmedia;
    3.Construction of overseas investor relations: crypto meetups, conferences and seminars;
    4.Holding the international DAPP entrepreneurship competition: this is one of the largest international competitions, with the highest specification, the most teams and the highest total prize so far.

    This cross-ocean exchange is a great feast sent to everyone by Asch. In the new year, those who are interested in promoting the development of the industry can join the Asch community. In the coming days, Asch will work with you to move on for a broader project prospect.

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