“Asch’s Ten Dishes” The Third One- Strong Support -Dedicated by Zhang Zelin, the CMO of Asch

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    Throughout the development of the Internet, flow is the basis of everything. Asch will have the layout of flow operation both online and offline, and build professional media operation team at home and abroad, channel team and business team, to provide multi support for each DAPP of Asch. The specific points are as follows:

    1.Communities operation

    We will actively mobilize the power of the community and push the promotion of the community to the extreme. We will establish matrix communication between communities and all kinds of media to achieve comprehensive coverage both inside and outside the industry. We plan to cover 10,000+ communities and reach cooperation with multiple flow providers and communities to achieve common promotion. This channel will pave the way for Asch's applications and provide a solid flow backup for each DAPP's growth, providing a strong user base for every application to acquire flow and allow it to be successfully hatched.

    2.Construction of external media matrix

    Asch currently has established a cooperative relationship with a large number of industry media, including BiShiJie Press, CoinTime, Chain World, Coingogo, Bitett and so on. At the same time, it has also conducted positive cooperation with various media industries such as CCTV, Sohu and so on. Meanwhile, we actively cooperate with overseas media to expand the influence in the industry.

    3.New media operation

    Asch will set up a professional team for operation on fans of Weibo, WeChat, overseas Twitter, and jointly promote and operate with various social media, to form a strong influence and establish own KOL system and a brand image in the industry.

    Asch's journey brings us a vision of the vigorous development of the blockchain industry. In the new year, people who want to promote the development of the industry can join the Asch community. In the coming days, Asch will work with you for a broader project prospect.

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