“Asch’s Ten Dishes” The Fifth One-Sorbetto“A wise man is not puzzled”

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    “Asch’s Ten Dishes” The Fifth One-Sorbetto“A wise man is not puzzled”
    -Dedicated by Guo Haiming, the business partner and strategy consultant of Asch
    1.Strategies and key points of application and promotion in Asch industry
    Asch belongs to the underlying platform technology based on side chain, and the technical advantages must be reflected through the application layer of DAPPs. After two years of polishing, Asch has become more and more mature, with the emergency of a batch of DAPP applications such as Koumei Cottage, Biviews, Help China and Hello Kimi. From the perspective of promotion, the top priority in this year is to attract more developers to develop more DAPPs on the basis of Asch. We predict that this year will be the year of the outbreak of DAPPs. If there are hundreds of DAPPs running on Asch this year, as many as 1,000 DAPPs next year, the appreciation will be a natural byproduct of Asch. From the perspective of attracting developers, compared to Asch, Lisk actually have not so far come out the SDK. Asch has already surpassed Lisk in technology to a large extent, but few people abroad know it. The construction and promotion of overseas communities is lagging behind, which will be greatly strengthened.

    In the domestic promotion aspect, in the new year, Asch will provide more online and offline publicity and training support for developers at the application level, including going to colleges and communities of programmers, cultivating a large number of developers who are familiar with Asch, maximizing the convenience of developers and building Asch’s ecosystem. For DAPPs based on Asch, we will also organize our resources in the Internet, media, investment and other fields to give the greatest help at the promotion level.

    On the other hand, we will take the initiative to work together with the leading enterprises in different industries to set up benchmarking demonstration projects and guide the application and development of blockchain in the industry. This year's key industry plans are financial technology, smart healthcare and vehicle networking. For key industries, we will provide corresponding industry solutions, closely cooperate with the developers of the other side, and provide comprehensive technical support cooperation, to truly carry out the blockchain technology and make it practical. To be the one guiding the whole industry, we will drive a batch of industry DAPPs development.

    2.Combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain in Asch Chain
    Artificial intelligence(AI) is ubiquitous. The combination of AI and blockchain is a hot topic in blockchain area last year. In the second half of last year, indeed there were some companies that combined AI technology with blockchain, and some AI applications could be decentralized through the blockchain technology. For developers, the development of DAPPs can be very attractive if the underlying platform of Asch can easily apply some AI tools. This year, Asch will promote cooperation with the leading AI blockchain companies in the industry, and we will strive for the early realization of AI’s application targets in Asch by providing interfaces and other means.

    3.Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes
    The development of technology can’t be separated from the academic activities of universities and research institutes. In the new year, Asch will work closely with institutions such as universities, including overseas universities. On one hand, we will train and promote Asch’s technology on campus, cultivating a group of Asch fans and developers in college students to support them to do application development based on Asch. Meanwhile, we will combine innovation and entrepreneurship activities of college students such as Challenge Cup, to establish small ecology of Asch.

    From the academic field, on the other hand, we will support some academic conference about blockchain and related applications. We will also make public speeches at the conference to promote Asch and expand Asch’s influence. At the same time, we will invite a group of well-known professors in academic circles as academic advisers of Asch, which will give academic and research guidance to the future development of Asch. Our vision is to build certain popularity among college students and teachers, train a group of reserve forces for Asch’s technology development and guide young people to learn and use Asch to become fashionable.

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