Blockchain + Live WeChat Red Packet Software System

  • IM system is a self-developed blockchain application system, blockchain + live broadcast, blockchain + payment, blockchain + transaction, digital assets and red envelopes, blockchain chat rooms give the currency circle micro channel form A new application!

    During the rapid development of the Internet, there is always something new in the indirect period, and then related companies come in "rush" to seize the market and seize the user.
    As an important technology of the 4th industrial revolution, blockchain technology, as the underlying technology of bitcoin, has a powerful technology engine and aims to quickly get involved in various fields of industry and reconstruct every person's values, benefits, standards of trust .

    Blockchain live broadcast mode introduction
    Fans: buying and trading
    Application Platform: Provide virtual items
    Exchange: Platform tokens transactions
    Virtual Goods: Blockchain smart contract products, virtual goods and digital assets
    Content creators: to obtain virtual items
    Butt Bank: Buy / Deal, Exchange / Deal

    Seemingly simple several sections involved in the volume of business and costs are very high, especially the new model has just come out, the market fickle expensive, the ability to operate on the one hand, system providers are also on the one hand.

    IM system + live is just a plate, including digital asset payments, circle of friends, the application of internal currency transactions and over-the-counter transactions

    We should also be hot some time ago to plug the Ethereum network cat game bar.
    This time, unlike the platform-centric product, which gives the decision to individual content creators, there is a very creative gift image.
    He consultants
    Electricity / micro: 138-2315-3926
    Micro signal: QKL17999

    Behind every anchor, there are powerful fans who should help the group, and as a reward to use the token, will bring tens of millions of holders, and the transaction volume will be more than now, which greatly increased the platform Use value of tokens.
    Fans and anchors will be more assured about their property safety.
    In addition to the strength of both parties, blockchain socialization is also one of the potential vestiges.
    Tencent at first just wanted to be a communications software, and initially thought of selling their own operations and become the largest social application of human traffic.

    The benefits of the combination of blockchain technology and application are very high. No matter whether the blockchain technology adopts smart contract or distributed accounting, the whole logic is to link everyone, to be decentralized and thus to people The social industry will undoubtedly have a great chance of becoming an area where blockchain technology bursts.

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