Excited for Asch in 2018

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    Excited for Asch in 2018
    I usually post on reddit (r/Asch_Platform), but I wanted to do something more formal and to easily reference later. I’ve been buying Asch since September 2017, and I’m still excited for it. I lay out five reasons why I’m still bullish on Asch, and four wish list requests from the core team.

    Bullish — 5 Reasons I’m Bullish on Asch

    1. Network in China: China is huge. Many Chinese prefer to use local technology and support local businesses over foreign. This gives Asch a huge pool to draw from. Asch has been fantastic at focusing on China, which can be evidenced through their many Weibo and QQ groups. They have a large community all over China and continue to devote the lion’s share of their efforts at home. Having a strong base in China will help as they expand later.

    2. DApp Development: Asch has been working hard at growing local connections as can be seen by the huge increase in DApps being rolled out. There are eight DApps in development (that I know of). The list is on the website: http://www.asch.so/dapps.html. If just one of these DApps explodes, it will drive a lot of attention and investment to Asch. It will also demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of developing large scale applications on the Asch Platform.

    3. Partnerships: Asch is continuing to build local partnerships in China. Asch is connected with Bottos and GXShares. Both teams look strong with GXShares being a top 80 coin. Having strong partnerships in the crypto space will be key to navigating changes in technology, regulatory environment, marketing, etc.

    4. Team: I’m still confident in the passion of the team and their devotion to the project. When I met the team back in November, I was really struck by their desire to see Asch succeed as a strong blockchain project for China. There was no talk of lambos or cashing out. Conversations were focused on growing Asch and seeing it succeed long-term. I think that strong passion is what differentiates Asch from other projects.

    5. Generosity to Community: Many of the DApps being released have given free airdrops to XAS holders. This means that aside from Asch succeeding as a project, the Asch holders are receiving free tokens in new projects. This is Asch working for the long-term benefit of its holders.

    Wish List — These are four things I’d like Asch to focus on for 2018.

    1. Big Exchange: Asch was on Kucoin early. As Kucoin has grown, I think it has helped Asch. However, for Asch to get to the next level, it needs a bigger audience. I think Binance, Huobi, or OKEx would be a great move. A big exchange will increase awareness and allow for the bigger players to make moves into Asch.

    2. Stronger Global Presence: Many bigger coins (and some from China) have been at the large blockchain events and conferences around the world. It would be great to have Asch attend and market the accomplishments of Asch. Coins like NEO and IOTA have held meetups in many of the global cities. I think Asch should hold events in major world cities to increase awareness and build the Asch community.

    3. Marketing: I think Asch has made huge improvements this year. The website is better and there have many great updates and releases on Medium. However, in the top 100 coins, the competition is intense. The marketing, branding, and design are all very good for the top coins. When NEO rebranded from Antshares, it had a huge effect on its growth. Lisk is doing a huge Relaunch event 20 February. If the Relaunch has a strong impact on the size of the community and price of the coin, I think Asch should consider doing the same.

    4. Timelines: I’m excited for many of the updates Asch has provided, but I’d like to see clearer timelines. This is probably true for most blockchain projects. I haven’t seen dates for Asch 2.0, CCTime, or the DApp competition. These are three really important events and Asch hasn’t provided clear dates. Instead of saying “coming soon” or “lots in development”, say Asch 2.0 will be released on this day (for example, 31 June 2018). Clearer timelines would help the community to look forward to release dates and provide clarity on how the project is progressing.

    Disclosure: I moderate the r/Asch_Platform subreddit page, hold XAS, and am a delegate, bb25.bolded text

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