Possible Q & A with the Asch Team on Telegram?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am PantherUK one of the admins in the English telegram channel and I would like to to try and arrange a live Q & A on Telegram with some members of the Asch Team.

    I have seen this done successfully before in other projects channels and I feel the community would really benefit from such an event and it will really help build some more spirit and connectivity to the Asch community.

    I have already asked @runner to communicate and see if this can be arranged. I would be happy if anyone else has any comments, can help arrange it or shows any interest in such an idea?

    Feel free to comment below.

    You can also get involved in the telegram channel: https://t.me/aschtelegram

    --------- UPDATE ---------

    I have been contacted by liang pei li is one of member of Asch core team. He is responsible for technological works and is willing to take part in the Q&A. You can find his profile here:


    I am still waiting to hear if anyone else is willing to take part but my suggestions of how it will work are as follows:


    I will ask the community for questions they would like to ask. If you have a question I will setup a separate Channel on Telegram where you can post these so the main chat does not get to full of questions. The format will be:

    1. Your Telegram Username
    2. Your bbs.asch.io profile (if you have one)
    3. Your question.

    Once I have all your questions I will setup a telegram channel for myself @runner as admins and any of the team willing to take part in the Q&A. I will ask them the questions in this channel to which they can reply in their own time due to time zone restrictions. The format will be:

    1. Their Telegram name
    2. Their bbs.asch.io profile
    3. The answer to the question.

    I will then post the result of this Q&A on the bbs.asch.io forum and link it any other forums ot spread the word. It will help us connect more on the official forum, help promote Asch but also show clearly that anyone taking part is active in the Asch community and may help towards any voting etc for them.

    I will update you as things develop. Thanks.

  • administrators

    @pantheruk I agree with ur opinions.Pls keep contact with Runner and let us know what we can help.

  • @nibor100 I have put together a format now. Just waiting on more contact hopefully. I think this will work quite well. Any comments appreciated.

  • Thank you for your support and comments. I have spoken with a few of you and had some feedback. I chatted with @runner more today and we have a plan how we can integrate telegram but also document the results so it can be read by everyone.

    I will post about how I think we can achieve this after a little more planning.

  • Thank you very much for your interest in Asch. I hope to witness Asch's strength together, and we can discuss everything together in the future!

  • Great idea!

  • I would like to see this happen as well. A q&a on reddit or telegram would be great.

    Another option could be for the east & west community to come together and submit question to the team. They can answer and post on all community forms in English and Chinese.

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