Q & A for the Telegram Community 3rd March 2018

  • As a community I heard a lot of comments that people would like a little more communication from the team. I came to an idea to try and put together a Telegram Q & A and have the team answer some of your questions and start to improve some communication.

    I like to think that this is the start of some better communication in the future and I am happy to say that recently I am seeing more feedback and updates coming via the various media and social channels the Asch team use to communicate which is very positive. They also have some dates in the diary coming attending international conferences.

    With some feedback from the community and a little more thought I put together under the format outlined in this post:


    Thank you @liangpeili for taking the time to answer our questions who's profile is: https://bbs.asch.io/user/liangpeili

    Thank you also to @runner for helping me make some contact with the team who's profile is: https://bbs.asch.io/user/runner


    Telegram name: @PantherUk
    Asch profile name: https://bbs.asch.io/user/pantheruk

    Q1) I see a lot of questions about the team and who they are. Could you please explain a little about the Team structure, the positions and who fills these roles?

    A1) Asch is a blockchain platform like ethereum. Through it is runned by a core team now but in the long term asch will developed into a decentralized orgnization. So we don't put the team info on the website. But everyone can view the members(not all of them) on https://github.com/orgs/AschPlatform/people.

    Now the core team has 19 members, half of them are developers. Qingfeng is the founder of Asch. EagleHovering is CTO. I, caos and bycnck are the core developers. Kimziv leads the client developers. Ben and Du Junhui are frontend developers. Gary is COO

    Q2) In one of the Ten Dishes articles it was mentioned Asch project will be taking part in a conference in Silicone Valley USA. Can you tell us when this is and a little about what Asch is doing there?

    A2) Asch is the only technical supporter on 2018 Global (Shanghai) Blockchain Application Entrepreneurship Competition and we will luanche a dapp competition on Sillicone Valley at the same time.

    Telegram name: @Gio86Gio
    Asch profile name: gio

    Q3) What is the plan to make Asch a recognized asset on a large scale?

    A3) We are going to build a ecosystem to attract more dapp developers and we are glad to see more and more westerners compete for 101 delegates.

    Telegram Name: @Diversey25
    Asch Profile Name: bb25

    Q4) When is Asch 2.0 set to release

    A4) The current version is 1.3.6 and next version is 1.3.7.

    Q5) CCTime testnet has been ready since November 2017, when will CCTime mainnet go live?

    A5) CCTime mainnet is under development and we will add more features to it. New version will be luanched within 1 month.

    Q6) We heard about about the DApp competition in January, when will we know more?

    A6) We will post the progress on https://medium.com/@AschPlatform

    Telegram Name: @AussieAsch
    Asch profile name: Unknown

    Q7) Will there be a visual rebrand of Asch also being done, ie Logo and anything else relating to the Asch image

    A7) No rebrand plan now

    Q8) Please clarify on the changes around delegates that have been talked about. What exactly is in happening?

    A8) We want to attract more person to compete for 101 delegates. One don't need to have 25k XAS to apply for delegates so long as he(or she) can contribute to Asch

    Q9) Can it be revealed what are the next two or three projects that will be using Asch sidechains?

    A9) The are about ten projects developing Dapp based on asch, they can be found on asch.io

    Telegram Name: @Crypto
    Asch profile name: Unknown

    Q10) What kind of marketing u guys going to do to get Asch more exposure in the western world.

    A10) Social media and offline conference

    Q11) Why is Asch not yet listed on a top 10 Exchange?

    A11) Asch 's list on top 10 Exchange on 2018 is very optimistic

    Thanks to everyone for taking part, if you want to join the telegram you can do so with the link provided here: https://t.me/aschtelegram

    @Diversey25 will post this on the official reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Asch_Platform/

    I hope to more of these in the future with more detail and more questions form the community.

    Thanks and Bye for now!

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