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    We "The Crypto Creators" are far more than pleased to announce that we have created a NEW alt coin with its very own blockchain, and is completely minable, unlike ERC20 tokens. It is called Bitcoin Love (BLV) and you can mine Bitcoin Love (BLV) right now !!! If some one wants to mine Bitcoin Love (BLV) they have to download the source code from github and compile the wallet On Linux , Windows , or Mac at

    Bitcoin Love (BLV) is the new cryptocurrency used to express how much you truly feel for another person. Move over diamonds because Bitcoin Love (BLV) is the girls new best friend!!! We are developing at this very moment. We also own , and once the platform is launched, Bitcoin Love (BLV) will be the tool you use to express consent for sex on the platform ( which will use state of the art gps technology to assist profile creators in finding other mutually consenting members ) . We are also using Bitcoin Love as a test run to see if my team of super computer coders whom I refer to as " The Crypto Creators " can create a fully functioning minable cryptocurrency with its own blockchain AT A FARE PRICE , so we can create fully functioning minable cryptocoins with their own blockchains AT FARE PRICES for everybody in the world, on the other new website that we own and are also developing at this very moment . We are building the website so we " The Crypto Creators " can make it easy and affordable for anyone in the world to own their own minable crypto currency, which will stimulate rapid growth in the over all crypto currency market cap, which would be beneficial to all crypto currency holders. Bitcoin Love (BLV) has a very bright future. We invite YOU to come join our project!

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