B2AND Launches Token Sale to Disrupt 230B Digital Marketing Industry

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    B2AND Launches Token Sale to Disrupt 230B Digital Marketing Industry
    B2AND (https://b2and.com) a creator of innovative and result-oriented cloud-based viral marketing platform
    is thrilled to announce the launch of their Token Sale on April 23rd, 2018. In line of revolutionizing current
    B2AND online viral marketing platform to blockchain, B2AND aims to disrupt the $230 billion digital
    marketing industry by transforming consumers to become advertisers by way of viral marketing and related
    rewards, supported by B2AND token eco-system.
    Nowadays, traditional advertising models do not fully satisfy contemporary needs of potential advertisers
    and blockchain represent an exceptional solution for this. The new concept creates advertisers out of
    consumers and generates peer-to-peer advertising earnings through blockchain award and referral system.
    Due to the blockchain's specific nature, viral marketing transforms into a truly transparent and measurable
    The B2AND eco-system is based on successful B2AND platform (1st Generation) and will be transformed to
    decentralized eco-system through four generations, relying on Ethereum blockchain and supported by
    B2AND token.
    The team behind the technology are professionals from blockchain technology and from marketing and
    sales fields having successfully launched and managed several technology companies in three continents.
    B2AND Token Sale is supported by related Bounty Program as well as Token Sale B2AND Campaign.
    B2AND Token Sale: https://ico.b2and.com
    B2AND Telegram Channel: https://t.me/B2ANDTelegramGroup
    Joining B2AND Telegram Channel will get you free B2AND tokens.

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