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    I recently wrote 9 Recommendations for Asch. I’m going to take some of these recommendations and expand on them. I hope that it will provide greater dialogue with the team and community and result in positives changes.

    The latest price increase has been good for Asch and some of that can be contributed to the progress with CCTime and cross-chain technology. However, I think for Asch to continue to succeed and maintain stability, a roadmap is needed. I will discuss three main areas where the roadmap will be helpful: Vision, Accountability, and Community.

    Vision: A great vision is exciting and attracts talented people who want to be apart of that vision. A roadmap shows everyone where Asch is going and how to support the long-term plan. It provides clarity to people wanting to know where Asch is headed. It provides stability because everyone knows the goals especially during times when the team is working hard but there are no new developments. It gives people confidence during bear markets and provides price support because everyone knows the end goal.

    Accountability: The blockchain space is moving fast. For Asch to stay competitive, they need to produce at the same pace as other good teams. A roadmap will communicate the plans of the team. Team members and investors can compare the Asch goals with other projects to make decisions. Additionally, if the team isn’t meeting the goals, then adjustments can be made, for example, expanding the team or offering greater rewards to the community for assistance.

    Community: A roadmap helps build community. Anyone can look at the roadmap and see where Asch is going. It provides long-term communication and stability. Many people have left Asch’s community because they don’t know how the project is progressing and where Asch it headed. I believe in Asch, but each person makes this decision and they do this based on the information available. A roadmap would bring the community together and unite them around the vision of Asch.

    Roadmap Examples: Here are 10 roadmap examples from some great projects. It shows the diversity in how a roadmap can be communicated.

    Conclusion: A roadmap is a great tool for communicating vision, providing accountability around timelines, and uniting the community. Asch Team, cast the vision — only you can do this. Let the world know where Asch is going.

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    Well done!

  • @bb25 said in Asch Recommendations: Roadmap:

    路线图是沟通愿景,围绕时间表提供问责制,以及团结社区的重要工具。 Asch团队投下了异象

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will contact you through QQ and talk about detailed ideas together.

  • 在这里看到原文是:Asch Recommendations: Roadmap

    我最近写道 9 Recommendations for Asch 我将采取一些这些建议并扩展它们。我希望它能够与团队和社区进行更多的对话,并带来积极的变化。




    社区: 路线图有助于建立社区。任何人都可以查看路线图并查看Asch的进展情况。它提供了长期的沟通和稳定。许多人离开了Asch的社区,因为他们不知道项目进展如何,Asch如何走向。我相信Asch,但是每个人都做出这个决定,他们根据可用的信息来做这件事。一个路线图将把社区聚集在一起,并将它们统一在Asch的愿景之中。

    路线图示例: 以下是一些伟大项目的10个路线图示例。它显示了路线图如何传达的多样性。

    结论: 路线图是沟通愿景,围绕时间表提供问责制,以及团结社区的重要工具。 Asch团队投下了异象 - 只有你能做到这一点。让世界知道Asch的去向。


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