• Hello Yocoin Community.
    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

    My name is Steve Gomboc and I have the previlage of joining Yocoin Management in the capacity of General Manager.
    My expertise is in Stategic Planing, Analytical Problem Solving, Negotiation, Organization, among others.
    I have held senior and executive positions with various corporations for over 35 years in the capacity of Managing Directors ,CEO and International Operations Director with an extensive amount of management experience in a number of industries including.
    Management Consulting
    Yocoin over the past 3 years has had great success in growth and in leading edge Technological initiatives and advancements.
    It is now time as well to focus on the management and corporate side of the business to establish a strong corporate organization to supports and sustain our success .
    The current Management Group along with me will review and identify the current and future requirement to build such an organization.
    I look forward to continued success.

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