How to retrieve your lost bitcoin password?

  • Now many people who bought Bitcoin years ago find themselves sitting on an untouchable bounty,though it fluctuates every now and then,those lucky guys who purchased or mined just a few bitcoins at the early era of cryptocurrency nowadays still can boast about their savings happily. However, some of them now are in a painful limbo,because they can't remember the complex security passwords needed to get to their wallet. Everyone has a hard luck story about losing their Bitcoins. Whether it be throwing out an old computer or suffering a hack, nothing compares to the most frustrating situation of all —you have your wallet but you can't remember your password and you still don’t know how to recover bitcoin password. Unlike a bank, bitcoin has no central hotline to call for reset. This is really a bad thing,it's like forgetting a bank account password, but there's no bank to call to reset it. The money is lost forever. That might be a lot of money at today’s exchange rate.

    Read a fantastic story recently about people who forgot passwords and are resorting to hypnosis, maybe sometimes it works but it's not scientific,lately the world of cryptocurrency was touched by two stories,one of them has a happy ending but another one isn’t so fortunate.

    Did you lose your wallet password without any clue of what it might have been? Then it will be very difficult for anybody in the world help you to retrieve wallet password. No one, neither a Russian Hacker nor MI6, or the FBI can be able to crack that password to your crypto wallet. Mostly you know what the password should have been but maybe you are one character off or the capitalization is off, these common mistakes are the most likely reason that you are locked out of your wallet,and if there’s slightest chance you do remember parts of your password, or origin of it,then it’s a very big chance we can help you to retrieve your bitcoin password.

    For those wallet holders who have forgotten their passwords, all may not be as bad as it seems. Hopefully BitcoinRecovery can help you to recover bitcoin password, it’s compatible with encrypted wallet documents of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other branching digital currencies which based on bitcoin or ethereum structure.

    BitcoinRecovery is an advanced and extremely fast passwords recovery tool for encrypted bitcoin/ethereum wallets,we have created a highly optimized multi-threaded program to perform the brute-force decryption. It can set multiple arithmetic rules to crack the password in case of uncertainty. The software supports multi-threading processes and takes full advantage of multiple CPU/GPU layouts and it can ensure the program makes good use of all the available system resources. Its operation including comprehensive combination of passwords, covering all possible elements in a password (upper/lower cases, numbers / special symbols) to avoid missing out any character.

    You need to generate a list of potential password phrases based on your best guess for password,and decryption is based on the rules you set up,the computer will combine all the characters you selected in a certain order,then it can create a highly optimized multi-threaded program to perform the brute-force decryption until it succeeds,the better the computer's CPU/GPU(with as many cores as possible),the faster the decryption.


    One particular thing to note, this software is running locally, it doesn’t upload any of customers’ information, users can disconnect the network link to run the decryption process to recover bitcoin password, and their wallet security will be safe,without giving any people any chance to steal their money, so that we can protect our customers’confidentiality.
    BitcoinRecovery works with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac. It's also available in a portable form for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, so it doesn't require installation.

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