ASCH Weekly Report (2018.06.23-2018.06.29)

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    Technology Development

    Official Website

    • The development of the homepage of the official website has been completed;

    • The development and debugging of time axis style and dynamic style of the second level page of the official website have been completed;

    • Debug background interfaces of CMS articles manage system and develop dynamic page styles on the official website;

    • Optimize the detail page of recruitment page, and the dynamic data loading display has been completed;

    • The development of markdown article style and template page has been completed;

    • The structure of the front-page DApps module, about us module, join our module has been completed.

    ASCH Version 1.4

    • The acceptance of the front-end product features of the version 1.4 of the ASCH wallet client has been completed;

    • Part of the UI details optimization for version 1.4 of the ASCH client has been completed

    • The adaptation of the ASCH version 1.4 to the 1.3 version of Block and Transaction interface has been completed;

    • Optimization and testing on database migration script of the ASCH version 1.4 test network have been completed;


    • The interface adaptation of the ASCH-java library to version 1.4 transaction types, fees, transfers, and UIA transfers has been completed.

    Mobile Wallet

    • iOS wallet has completed the account module prototype and interaction design work;

    • The debugging of the interface between Android Wallet and web 1.4 has been complete.


    • Optimize the product development management process;

    • Comb the team incentive management solutions;

    • Edit and optimize “DApp Development Practice”;

    • On-site technical support for the ASCH Blockathon has been completed;
      The remote technical support for Fangjinsuo has been completed.


    • ASCH Chain DApp incubation plan is about to start. For high-quality projects, ASCH will invest and provide incubation support. Application form for China: Oversea application form will be available soon.

    • From June 28th to 29th, the China Management Fifth Ring Summit sponsored by Peking University Management Consulting Group was held in Beijing. ASCH Chain won the Annual Blockchain Excellence Ecology Award. The China Management Fifth Ring Summit, known as the “Olympic Games in Management”, has been held for 12 years and has extensive and far-reaching influence in the Chinese business community.

    • The “ASCH Blockathon” ended successfully. After two days of continuous programming battles, three outstanding teams won the top three and divided the 12,500 tokens. Among them, Shuimu Weiming Team from Tsinghua University won the championship with its excellent algorithm strength. A twin high school students who has just turned 18 from the United States won second place, and the Juzhi Team won third place through outstanding teamwork and on-chain application scenarios.

    • On June 28th, ASCH Chain SVP Kuai Daping was invited to be the speaker of Iterative Blockchain Venture Camp [The twelfth issue of Master Talk], with the theme of “From the US supervision to analysis of the 2018 blockchain market”.

    • ASCH Chain officially settled in Block Technology. Block Technology is a comprehensive service platform for blockchain that integrates news, newsletters, market, data, community and projects. It pioneers the concept of “community media”, provides 7*24-hour project tracking reports, and serves entrepreneurs and investors in the field of global blockchain. Website:

    • ASCH Chain officially settled in BKBT. BKBT is committed to become a global blockchain and digital currency value discovery platform, discovering value depressions and blind spots for investment; popularizing blockchain knowledge and promoting the healthy development of blockchain ecology. Website:

    • ASCH Chain formally settled in Biknow-Financial Calendar. Biknow — Financial Calendar is the blockchain industry information sharing platform. The platform information is jointly released by community users, project teams, and platform administrators to keep up with the dynamics of the industry projects, and to grasp the primary information of the industry. Website:

    • The communities of ASCH Chain and Chain Circle reached a strategic cooperation. ASCH officially entered the Chain Circle community. The two parties reached a consensus on the development of community ecology and will cooperate in the construction of the blockchain community to jointly improve the blockchain ecosystem.

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