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  • GoldJob Platform provides financial innovations which increases assets of investors, miners and traders. We work on a unified platform applying the means of blockchain technologies. Our Platform provides for the partners: Unique algorithms for robotixed trading and mining; Usuful functionality which allows to reinvest and redistribute assets inside one personal account among several directions; The process of gaining profit is completely automated; Fast process of withdrawal and careful support service; Clear and transparent statistics of all transactions; Total anonymity and security of your personal data from DDOS-attacks and other hacking attacks is provided; Two-step authentication is available/
    We employ more than 100+ people and 11 external teams of developers. We implemented more than 280 algorithms for effective functioning.
    Contact us: Сайт:
    Gain digital Gold with us!

  • We are ready to present an innovative product which combines mining and long term investments. Here it is - Mining House by Goldjob!
    It is an up to date model of modern data center: 768 devices and each of them has more capacity than any technical solution which is currently available at the market by the means of two-phase immersive cooling, 7 nm chips and hashrate from 32 up to 36 Th/s.
    Delivery of the devices to Russia takes about 1 months. After 7 days profit is accrued to a wallet of its owner automatically every day.
    Payback starts from 10 months up to 12 months on an average (if Bitcoin costs $4000).

    Cooperation with us is profitable: any time you can resell or donate your part to another person, and after the end of 12-month period of devices’ operating you can take it for a personal use. Your profit does not depend on the number of investors because the amount of devices is restricted.

    You get a private account with a clear interface. In case of any damage our service center can help you.

    You can read more on our web site and social media accounts!


  • Goldjob: We updated our web site!
    Hello everyone!
    We have great news: we completely updated our website. The address is still the same, though now it is much more smart. What was changed? Fully new design, interface is more clear. The web site is available in the English, Indonesian, Russian and Chinese languages. The private account is more optional: we added new functions for mining, for example. It is easier to sort and track the history of your financial transactions.
    It is more convenient to reinvest your funds: you can mine and just at the moment reinvest your profit to the trading bot.
    Some of new functions we are improving right now: they will be available in the nearest future.

    If you have some questions, you can ask us in the upcoming webinar contact our support service which operates 24/7.
    Next webinar coming soon
    Saturday, 13.00

    We develop the Goldjob platform to reach new peaks!

    (Не знаю, как красиво сказать Вы-там, где золото)

    Sincerely yours, Goldjob team.

    Link to the webinar:

  • Presenters of Aurora Blockchain Capital - an informational channel about cryptocurrency markets dedicated a part of their report to a talk with the founders of the Goldjob platform and discussed the achievements of the project. We remind that Goldjob platform won the 1st place in the nomination “The best blockchain project of the year”. In the future new peaks are waiting for us!

  • Теперь на нашем пуле доступен майнинг Zcash.

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