• Hello, I have followed the Asch coin a lot recently. I have noticed a huge glaring issue in the promotion of the coin. The team needs to establish and list the official media channels on it's website. As well as make a pinned thread on the forum. This should be done by a core team member.

    The Slack channel ( needs to be made public, so people don't need to be invited to the chat. Lastly, the website, should showcase the Asch team by showing photographs of them and describing what they do. It also should showcase the dApps.

    I want to see Asch improve

  • @guibotong Thank you. I am very appreciative of the relationship between Asch and the community. When the team is able to, they should open the slack chat. Western people love to discuss the project in Slack. This should be done very soon! Thanks you.

  • administrators

    @SeftVest Sorry.I had told the admins of slack to open slack.But they said there are some problems.I will continue to deal with it.So gratefull you are stay with us allways.This month Asch community will give reward for those contribute to Asch.You will be one of them.Thank you and continue to help Asch to be better.

  • administrators

    thanks for your advice. I will give feedback to the technical team. Thank you.

  • administrators

    @SeftVest said in Tips:

    s should be done by a core team mem

    That is really kind of you for these i know,some community members have put them into practice,so just stay tuned.

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