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  • When is XAS planned to start trading on other exchanges with English leanuage?

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  • Hello

    I think the team is working hard on getting on the exchanges. However as the number of crypto projects wanting to be listed on the largest exchanges is now huge, the pressure on the exchanges onboarding teams are very high.

    They have to do their due diligence on the projects to avoid scams, and pick quality ones, as their primary goal is to take care of their customers/traders.

    This means the one way we can help ASCH get listed is to build, improve and professionalize its brand and community.

    • Be transparent about the team and build mutual trust with the world.
    • Focus on communicating ASCHs tech and global vision.
    • Build inclusive social channels that avoid pump-and-dump mentality.
    • Improve our own and others skills and knowledge.

    The more we contribute to this, the more we help ASCH move forward to exchange listing and further growth.






  • Hey there who is responsible in your team for listings?
    I may have a contact to two European ones ...

  • administrators

    @dgimmy Welcome to Asch!If you could do anything to help Asch to list on the exchanges with english language, we are willing to give a rich reward.

  • Bittrex would be great!

  • administrators

    As far as I know, the Brittrex and Yobit are evaluating the XAS and maybe they will list XAS soon.

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