Work in progress

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    1、New official website, cool and comprehensive
    2、New domain name, or
    3、Green version of PC wallet, no need to install, portable, cross-platform, supporting multi-account and multi-asset management, supporting wallet backup
    4、Android native wallet, supporting multi-account and multi-asset management, supporting dapp access (similar to WeChat mini program), supporting payments and receipts through QR code
    5、A community foundation standing for Asch will be established, and it will cooperate with organizations from all over the world
    6、A series of promotional materials introducing what Asch is
    7、CCTime will reopen

    Not confirmed:

    1、KMWisdom (A market predicting DApp), may be done in November or December
    2、Cross-chain of BTC and ETH (Bringing BTC and ETH to Asch DApp, Low level development going well)
    4、XAS Price
    5、DApp development training and contest

    Other things you can track by yourself:
    Any issue and commit of the open source projects please refer to

    We have plan and daily meeting
    We work hard and love our work, but we don't like to publish the incomplete or unconfirmed work and product to the public
    If no accident, we still don't intend to do the weekly reports


  • What do the soccer pictures and diagrams mean? I dont understand Chinese.....but it looks nice. Some explanation?

  • This is great. Would it be possible for someone in the community to give an explanation of what the screenshots are for the English speaking audience?

  • @gambler_lj 心疼你,该有的都会有的,如果没有,说明不适合哈。

  • Exciting news

  • 团队不断的努力做事,以技术立身,阿希室好样的,希望能够越走越远、越来越好。

  • Great to see this.

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    @gambler_lj 哈哈 小伙子莫名被怼 有意见都正常 你说的也不是完全没有道理 能做的我们都会去做的

  • 阿希一直在努力,无论是开发团队,还是社区推广。

  • Awesome!!! Asch is so international prpject and wo should do more english document for that

  • 阿希好样的,期待飞得更远!

  • 如果阿希粉人人出一份自己的微薄之力,明天的阿希一定更美好!


  • @gambler_lj 你知道比特币,以太坊,有多少人?每个人的分工?每个人的工作进度吗?如果没有,请不要要求我希如此。

  • 有进展就是好事。周报这东西不要也罢。

  • 阿希好样的,一如既往地支持

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    Awesome information!

  • 期待期待,阿希会更好~

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    have a nice holiday

  • great work !!!

    thanks qingfeng

  • 干得漂亮,有一个小小的建议,除了工作进度,希望能公布一些关于团队的信息,例如团队人数,分工,成员信息,以及希望引进哪些类型的人才等等

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