Block chain Pratt & Whitney project will lead to financial changes, ASCH's future road.

  • Rush when comment: the role of block chain first recognized by the technology industry, and then only aroused the concern of the financial sector. In fact, the district chain financial Pratt & Whitney project to change not only the financial sector, can lead to changes in the structure of social rights. Because this initiative will improve business transparency and enable the masses to really have power. In the long run, block chain technology can cause people to change many aspects of life, help to build a more ideal society.
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    The ability to help people who are unable to access financial services before is one of the most powerful subversive properties that the block chain can achieve in this ecosystem. Organizations such as Humaniq are using block chains to provide financial benefits to more than 2.5 billion bankless accounts worldwide. At the same time, ChainTrade is also creating a center to the commodity exchange, so that the current excluded traders to enter the food and raw materials market.

    Create a real competitive market
    According to ChainPrade CEO Vincent Jacques, going to the center will bring the market to its long-awaited competition. He called the block chain technology a tool that would revolutionize the world of commodity derivatives.
    "Global trade in food and raw materials is more than $ 2 trillion per year," says Jacques. "However, commodity derivatives are currently traded on only a small number of centralized exchanges that have made huge profits, and we want to move that deal to block chains , The establishment of a no middleman, anyone can visit the center of the platform.It is time to bring competition to this area, so that the trading platform to the center, to anyone who wants to participate in the open, and greatly reduced Access to the cost of the block chain technology will enable us to do this: completely change the world of commodity derivatives.

    Liberation tool
    Jason Cassidy, President and Moderator of Blockchain TV, pointed out that one of the great achievements of block chain technology is the ability to liberate more than 2 billion people without bank accounts from the world. Cassidy pointed out that the banking sector for various reasons will be shut out of these people, and never intend to be included in their own system. According to him, the block chain technology to transfer power from the central institutions to the hands of the masses. From this point of view, political and business entities will find it challenging to legislate this technology to bypass the border. He also pointed out that, purely from a political point of view, this ability to improve the transparency of democracy will increase the pressure of politicians, asking them to more frankly face the public.
    Cassidy explains: "The lack of transparency and sometimes dishonesty seems to be inherently characterized by politics, so technologies that can greatly improve transparency will empower ordinary voters and taxpayers, and as time goes on, elections and tax revenues will be more visible, This will strengthen the accountability system, and all of these changes should bring a higher level of transparency to the population. "

    Subversion of the block chain of closed systems
    The activities of ChainTrade and similar organizations are, in many ways, considered a bold initiative aimed at subverting the current system of unfairness that has so far been selfish and refusing to provide resources to the average person. Most of these organizations are large banks and institutional investors who control the market. They decide the rules and charge too high a fee to encourage the exclusion of smaller investors, thereby eliminating possible competition and making it easy to get full profits. Cointelegraph has previously reported that WishFinance and other block chain lending platform efforts are defined as the destruction of banks in the loan industry base of subversion. These banks charge a higher fee and have a mortgage request. These conditions for small and medium enterprises is often difficult to achieve. But with the implementation of block-chain technology in the loan ecosystem, WishFinance and other similar organizations will be able to subvert the system and get more people to get loans.

    The benefits of diversification
    Kumar Gaurav, the top leader of the Auxesis group, explains that by going to a centralized loan, lenders will be able to diversify their portfolios and get higher returns. Gaurav pointed out that opening up the global loan market means that SMEs can get more money, the emergence of various investors means more opportunities to meet the credit standards, so faster and easier to find the lender. Gaurav also calls Cashaa another example of the implementation of the P2P block chain, allowing investors to participate in the global economy in a decentralized way.
    According to him, the company will promote the transfer of cross-border investment, diversification of the portfolio and higher returns. This will not only help existing SMEs, but also create new jobs. Another example is that with the Auxesis group's platform, Bitkarz can enable investors in other countries to invest in small and medium enterprises in India to obtain high investment income. Kumar Gaurav claims:
    "The block-based rating system in these products will gradually remove the bad people who are trying to exploit the system and help us realize the dream of creating a trustworthy society."
    The subversion caused by the block chain first appeared in the technology industry, but its infiltration into the socio-political ecosystem in many areas of the speed continues to show that the world system will be more large-scale changes. Obviously, we are at the beginning of a new era.
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