Some misunderstanding between us

  • Today, I saw some argument about Asch community group on slack. Some guys said thet we are a little bit unprofessional and have a communication gap with English speakers. Besides, I saw some misunderstanding between official devs team and dutchasch because of Wahutao's unresonable promise ( I didn't know that before).
    Centainly, I think that most of these faults are caused by us, Asch community group. Due to our unprofessional or lack of communication with official team, etc. And I consider that the cultural differnce is just a small part of these misunderstanding. At first, I apology for that.
    So, considering to all these faults, why we still need a Asch community group doing a lot important jobs instead of hireing some professional guys to do the professional jobs? Because Asch project need to be decentralized. If many important part of Asch project managed by official team, one day the team gone, it all gone. So, you can see, this is not decentralized and meaningless in the future. The project shouldn't be held by specific group. Although at this moment, Asch official team may be in charge of the major part of Asch project, it would decentralize the right if we guide Asch community to work on this direction. We would select people who are more professional, more hard-working or respectable. By time, Asch community group would reach a consensus that selecting better guys as the delegate and reward hard-working people more.
    Therefore, Until the day when Asch community group can be autonomy without the control of Asch team or someone else, we will still work on this direction to make Asch project decentralized.
    Secondary, I want to talk about another issue that why not getting XAS listed on some western exchanges, small or middle one, because it would be a good step. Recently, official team are working on getting XAS listed on big exchanges. If it failed, we would consider the middle one, so don't worry. In short, I represent Asch community team to thanks for the guys who keep contacting with western exchanges such as weakhand or dutchasch.
    Last week, the first western delegate Noreasch was elected and we are looking for some western guys or Chinese Americans to help us such as Ling or jype. I think that is impressive and bb25 may be the next western delegate ( I can't promise that, but we respect his great jobs) . So, it would be a good direction. Asch community group will become more and more professional. And we really hope you can join in us and help us, sincerely.
    Okay, that's all. If you think I am respectable, please vote for me, aschwifi, ranking 93. thx.

  • @minertrader I am wondering about this also. I want to see how, and who, votes for the top 101 delegates.

  • We need more communication to prevent misunderstanding like this.

  • Thank you for this post :)

  • @runner by qingfeng shan

  • Some people ask me how to be elected as a delegate. It is very simple. If your work and enthusiasm touch "me" or your efforts move others, I will give you a vote. At the same time, others' recommend impress me, which let me be willing to give you votes,and naturally you can become a delegate. In this point,I represent each person who hold the XAS.

  • @aschwifi1 There are a lot of things that i don't understand about how the asch team decide it who become a delegate, i don't know what northasch (no bad blood) has made for the community to receive the top 101 delegate status, as far as i know bb25 has the minimum amount of coins to become delegate and has made a great effort to help the asch community.

  • I have always found all Asch team to be very respectful. Thanks for all your hard work and also to all community members. Also thanks to Aschwifi for helping me out with various issues. Great team member!

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